a break - through

in  the  disposal

of desalination


by feeding



Desalination business
in arid & semi-arid areas

Water is the limiting factor in arid & semi-arid areas and RO - Reverse Osmosis of brackish wells has a huge business potential. But RO releases a concentrate with high salt & nitrate levels requiring proper disposal, which is very expensive.

A break-through in
disposal of RO concentrate

AlgaeArt developed a cleantech technology to feed Spirulina ponds with the RO concentrate. It integrates management of salty waters, disposal of concentrate and microalgae agriculture. Spirulina culture transforms the nitrates into valuable biomass, while evaporation of the brines is a Zero Liquid Discharge by-product of the outdoor ponds. Gains come from both production of Spirulina and desalination with a profitable disposal of the concentrate.

Environmental friendly farms
The technology used by AlgaeArt to build the ponds meets the strictest environmental requirements for soil & aquifer protection. Adaptation to different climate conditions is obtained using low-cost greenhouses. AlgaeArt also adopted low-energy solutions for CO2 supply and on-site Spirulina drying at field.

The market for Spirulina
The market for Spirulina as a food supplement for humans has attained US$ 750 M and is set for rapid growth, but AlgaeArt main goal is to supply Spirulina as a feeds supplement for livestock. The size of this new market is unlimited.

AlgaeArt business model
AlgaeArt is an Israeli startup. It seeks to connect farmers with the water sector, selling its unique technology as turn-key water-agriculture projects.

AlgaeArt is now looking for a strategy partner as well as business development investors.

The founder

Agronomist Yankale Peretz

Our Spirulina pilot at Central Israel - 2500 m2 of ponds receiving RO concentrate